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Welcome To My Vision. 

My Name Is Tyreek Jewell. I'm from NYC, I graduated from Jamestown Community College (12-14) and St. Francis College - BK (14-16). After graduating Nike reached out to me to model for their brand, which was one of the most exciting things to be apart of.  I got to meet Kyrie Irving and some people I consider important to me and my future. Being behind the scenes of the shoots and the wardrobe rooms I was inspired to continue my modeling career and start my own clothing brand but then.

My dreams became true when I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Jakarta, Indonesia to play basketball professionally. It was an amazing experience to travel and witness another culture. That wouldn't be the last culture I got to witness, from there I traveled to several countries with the opportunity to showcase my talent and grow as a man. Being a professional athlete showed me that basketball is more than a game, and that is the perks of being a pro. You will get more than you signed up for and you have to be mentally tough to deal with being on your own and experiences that can be life lessons moving forward. 

In the mix of all these blessings I found time to start my clothing brand and decided to share my creations with the world so again...

Welcome To My Vision !

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